Head Housekeeping – job


We are looking for a head housekeeper for a hotel. It’s a full-time job, working by rota. We offer paid holiday and contract.
·To report for work in correct uniform, non slippery shoes and ready to start work on time.
·Ensure the Room attendants have sufficient items and guest supplies for the day’s work.
· Check all vacant rooms as early as possible ensuring all standards are maintained.
· Be responsible Room Attendants appearance and behaviour when on duty.
· Ensure room are cleaned and checked to the required standards.
· To be responsible for communicating any problems immediately to your head of department.
· To inform the Area Manager of any problems, activities, maintenance schedule works and any other date to date information that is required by the hotel.
· To attend to any reasonable request by the management of the hotel.
Job Type: Full-time



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