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Galvanising/Powder Coat Production employee  For one of our clients we are looking for production staff

About the job:
In this function you will be hanging up steel construction parts (of different sizes) on a rack. For this you use steel wire from 2 till 5 mm thick according to the weight of the steel parts. Also you hang these steel parts according to the proven system of the company. The reminder here is “Think before you do”
These racks will then be picked up with a crane and transported to the cleaning department where they will be cleaned with demo water and then dried. When the parts are dry they will be galvanized and/or powder coated. After the parts are cooled down they will be made ready for transport and bundled by account number and or client number.
Taking down parts, packing and other relevant work will or can also be part of your responsibility’s.
If the parts are also powder coated, these parts must be prepared by grinding the surface and chamfering corners. It also can be so that if the parts need a special treatment, according to the quality norm the client uses, that before galvanising this preparation also must be done.

You are going to work in a challenging environment. You work in a team and you are, together with your colleagues, responsible for the daily production and handling of the parts. Together you will solve the possible delays and other issues witch you will come across during the day. Here the reminder is ”Think in solutions not in problems”

What we ask, is not a lot:
• You are willing to work in shifts.
• You are motivated and willing to live up to the standard from the client.
• You can communicate in English or German.
• You are representative and polite
• You are willing to ride a bike to work (can be up to 10 km)

What we offer:
• Accommodation according to the rules of SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen).
• In case of proven suitability, a job for a longer period of time
• Salary; Dayshift €9,82 / other shifts including shift allowance €11,19 bruto per hour

Are you interested and do you meet the requirements as mentioned above? Please contact us at ,0031629199547



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